Our voices are special. Through them, we are sharing our stories, rich with insights, emotions, and remarkable experiences. They help us connect with each other. They unite us and show us that no matter how challenging and overwhelming things may be, we all have similar struggles and have the power to overcome them.


By elevating our voices and share our stories, we heal and empower each other to become stronger. To see the world through each other's eyes and even see ourselves through someone else's story.


By elevating our voices, we lift each other up, and that is the objective of this book.

Extraordinary Latinas is a book of inspiration and empowerment. Through the collection of personal experiences from 12 extraordinary Latinas, we hope you find the encouragement, grit, and power to stand up and elevate your voice to achieve whatever you put your mind to.


Know that you are not alone. Whether you feel like the only one in your circle, community, company, or industry, you can find in Extraordinary Latinas a group of powerful women that have gone through similar experiences and will help you step up, and find your voice through power, presence, and representation to make an impact in your personal and professional life.


Elevate your voice with us and become an Extraordinary Latina!


*Book available for shipment September 15, 2021.

Extraordinary Latinas: Hardcover