It all started with the pursuit of joy.

Imagine how the world would look like if JOY was a required trait of leaders. If it was not only required but CELEBRATED. The world would be a place of inspiration, balance & bliss. We would live lives we don’t need a break from and inspire others to do the same. No more hustle.

True authentic leadership comes from the inside out when you let yourself show up fully is when the most impact is made. Too often in today’s world of hustle, bustle and grind do we forget to live our lives. We get trapped in toxic environments, doing jobs we don’t love and don’t see a way out.

This is why ... 

Paulette Piñero, Owner & Principal Consultant

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Our Community Pledge

We believe that Black Lives Matter. We believe that Trans Women are Women. We believe that language is not a barrier and embrace non-English speakers.



LEAD Media LLC is on a Mission to help Latinx leaders get the job, business, and pay they want through transformational content, personalized coaching, and management consulting.

To create a world where leadership is diverse, purpose-driven, and joyful.


Our logos celebrate Paulette's heritage with a symbol that represents the Puerto Rican flag and the journey it takes to achieve one's life mission.








Core Values
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See what people are saying!

Paulette is a listener at heart and she will make you feel safe. I appreciated how she asked the right question so I could realize what was my next step. One thing different from other coaches is her empathy, she truly wants to help others and guide you in the right direction.

—  Karla, Entrepreneur & Marketing Specialist


 The Team

Paulette Piñero, Owner & Principal Consultant

Paulette Piñero is an experienced consultant and speaker dedicated to diversifying the face of leadership in the workplace and is an innovator passionate about building the next generation of Latinx leaders. Paulette offers guidance and support as a leadership coach while developing resources that specifically speak to a community often lacking mentorship and career growth opportunities needed to empower them to build generational wealth.

Paulette has over 15 years of leadership experience in human service and education and is skilled in Strategic Planning, Strategic Partnership Development, Employee Management/Coaching (in-person and remote), DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), Inter-generational Programming, and Technical Writing.


Through her company Lead Media, she is a champion for helping Latinx leaders achieve the career, business, and pay they deserve through transformational content, personalized coaching, and management consulting. Paulette’s ultimate mission is to create a world where leadership is diverse, purpose-driven, and joyful.

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Jafet Martinez, Marketing & Brand Consultant

For over 13 years, Jafet Martinez has helped small businesses and organizations strengthen their presence and increase impact in their communities through his unique blend of graphic design talents and data-driven experience. He holds a BA in Graphic Design and is an experienced Electronic Data Processing Analyst, setting the framework for his "design meets data" approach.


His knowledge of brand identity and graphic design merged with an understanding of marketing data analysis has proven him as a go-to in his profession. Jafet has successfully worked to inform data-based decisions fueling marketing campaigns, website designs, content creation efforts, and visual branding projects. His understanding of the technical and graphic-based elements of what goes into a business's brand allows for turnaround times and cost efficiencies often desired by those with restricted budgets and tight timelines.


Jafet expertly elevates an organization's mission and message with a creative heart and an extensive toolbox of experience. He is incredibly passionate about working with and supporting groups that often have the most financial strain and struggle to gain exposure. Latinx entrepreneurs, small businesses, and small non-profits with an emphasis on social impact work are an important focus in his client base.

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