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Let's redefine leadership


LEAD Media LLC engages Latinx leaders to go from burned out to thriving in their careers and business.


True authentic leadership comes from the inside out. When you let yourself show up fully is when the most impact is made. Too often in today’s world of hustle, bustle and grind do we forget to live our lives. We get trapped in toxic environments, doing jobs we don’t love and don’t see a way out.

LEAD Media's framework helps you shift from unsure to confident with a personalized approach to solve all of your leadership challenges.

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In business, Joy is the new hustle

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Our Services
Leadership Coaching

This personalized program is for Latinx professionals who want to completely transform their careers and build a professional brand. During our 1:1 coaching meetings, we will help you determine your short and long term goals, identify actionable steps, and create an individualized leadership plan.

Leadership coaching is intended for professionals who want tailored support to remove the obstacles that hinder their success. Our Leadership Coaching Programs allow you to work with a coach from one time career advising to ongoing coaching. Sessions can be scheduled to discuss specific roadblocks such as salary negotiation, professional branding, job search help, review application materials, or for ongoing development.

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I want to turn my dreams into a business while working full-time

I want a plan to attract the right leadership opportunities

I want to be a confident leader and people manager

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Which one speaks to you?

Our clients inspire us every day
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Nervous? Here's what to expect
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Click the Apply Now button below and complete the application to see if working together is the right fit. Nothing scary, we just want to know if you are ready to start working on your goals now or if you need additional supports. If we are not the right fit, we'll refer you to one of our trusted partners.

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Let's meet (virtually)

You will receive an email with an invitation for a 30-minute Clarity Call to discuss your goals, dreams, and the life you want to create for yourself. Once we both decide what LEAD Media's coaching programs can get you from burnout to joyful we'll review pricing and your availability.

Results and Action


Now is when the magic happens! After you sign your contract, you will receive a Welcome Packet via email and in the mail with everything you need to thrive during our coaching time together. We'll uncover what's holding you back, set goals with purpose, and develop a plan that allows you to make your leadership dreams a reality.

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